Monday, 13 August 2012

Welcome to SST

On 13th August 2012, SST hosted a group of MLS participants.

It is our pleasure to have with us:

  1. Alex Lee
  2. Ariel Thia 
  3. Fong Li Sar
  4. Goh Ying Hsuan
  5. Hon Sok Foon 
  6. Kelvin Chia
  7. Koh Kai Hong
  8. Kong Ching Ying
  9. Lee Fui Ling
  10. Lim Hui Yuen
  11. Lim Teo Kwee Jonah
  12. Lim Yeong Yew Calvin
  13. Loh Wai Choong Andrew
  14. Mok Boon Foong
  15. Nasrun Bin Mizzy
  16. Ng Bih Huey
  17. Ng Chor Kheng
  18. Ong Chin Meng
  19. Rachelle Tjhin
  20. Shanmugam Sivalingam
  21. Siti Nazrah
  22. Tan Boon Hian
  23. Tan Chay Hiang
  24. Tan Kim Koon
  25. Tan Kin Chiew Jimmy
  26. Tan Li Wee
  27. Tan Sia Hui
  28. Tay Lay Cheng
  29. Tay Seow Heong 
  30. Teo Cheng Yap
  31. Tern Hui Kuan Sally
  32. Wimal Woodward Amarasuriya
  33. Wu Xinping Jennifer

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sharing Session

SST did an introduction on its vision, mission, values, goals, curriculum, and ICT enabled learning.

Campus Tour

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The SST Team